Flicker (2016)

Single-channel video with sound (8'51"), data projector, colour scroll strobe, mobile phones, performers, microphone.

A collaboration between friends Kim Coleman and Matthew Noel-Tod, Flicker was made for an event to celebrate the life of both artists' LUX Associate Artist mentor - artist Ian White.  The work considers the experience of being affected by another person, how ideas are shared or passed on, and how another's energy changes or shapes us. In the work, projected video and stage-lighting interact. The projected video depicts a living space illuminated by the bending and flickering light of a candle flame. As the video progresses, a colour-strobe interrupts the video, its tones mixing with those projected, its brightness illuminating the audience and the walls, ceiling, and floor. The strobe sometimes illuminates soft and sensually, sometimes rhythmically, and - at other times - violently, plain sickeningly. Mobile phones were dropped intermittently, an echo of White's work IBIZA: A Reading for 'The Flicker (2008). Both works incorporate footage of The Flicker (1966 Tony Conrad)  a key structuralist artwork in which strobing film frames have a physical effect on the viewer. 

Created for Here Is Information: Mobilise held at The Showroom, London. 

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