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Photos: Lucy Levene

Victory Over the Sun - Franz Ferdinand (2014)


World tour stage show for Franz Ferdinand's 2014 world tour. 


Combining twenty-three projected videos, set pieces, bespoke lighting and costume design, this live show - designed for the Scottish band Franz Ferdinand - was loosely structured as a digitised interpretation of the 1914 Russian opera, Victory Over the Sun. Touring world-wide, the colour palette for the hour-long show was limited to forms and colours used in experimental film, and suprematist artworks of the era, rather than the limitless rainbow of colours and effects available using 21st Century lighting and video technology.  A central element of the set was three sets of motorised vertical blinds which functioned both as projection screens and agile backdrops. These opened up towards the end of the performance to reveal a sun-shaped lighting fixture, and to expose the rigging and workings of the show. Light-responsive performance clothing designed in collaboration with Alex Pollard and Tour de Force. 




































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