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Glare (2009)


Multi-channel video installation with sound.

Kim Coleman and Jenny Hogarth. 

Glare (2009) is a  multi-faceted set created from projected light, mirrors and screens. The scene suggests the set of a fashion shoot, with a video of a young model at the centre. Dynamics between the model and the women directing her are exposed as she intermittently angles a small hand mirror to offer a glimpse of them. ‘Glare’ has a double meaning, it’s both an optical effect as well as a way of looking and the harsh effect of light glaring.  The directors’ instruction to ‘try and keep your eyes open’, suggests interrogation. The video of the model was filmed by one of us when working at London Fashion Week. Everyone was working low-paid or for free. It was all women and everyone was exhausted, most probably feeling exploited whilst also being a cog in the fashion economy.  Ethical issues - both human and other - throughout the many echelons of this industry ricochet much further than this small array of performers. 

Review of the show by Jonathan Griffen for Frieze online

Glare was commissioned by S1 Artspace, Sheffield. 

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