OHMMG (2019)

Live performance. DMX controlled lighting, contact microphones, live-edited and pre-recorded sound. Variable duration. Sound engineering by English Heretic.

In OHMMG lighting is elevated from its usual supporting role in live performance and fixtures are considered performing electric bodies in their own right.  The work unfolds through a series of demonstrations of lighting effects which stretch and test the limits of each light fixture, as well as allowing behaviours that challenge the smooth and spectacular movements stage lights are usually associated with revealing weak spots limited abilities. There is a blurring of live machine noise and pre-recorded human utterance as microphones lift and amplify fixtures' internal workings and grunts. The performance reveals different personalities: UV canons 'ohm' with seemingly spiritual energy but are limited to one mode of address. Infinitely more agile 'moving heads' transition effortlessly between various states.  The lights were re-employed to illuminate subsequent acts in the festival revealing their susceptibility to a wider context and a tendency to be upstaged human performers.

OHMMG was first commissioned by CIRCA Projects for Festival of the Not held at the Star and Shadow community cinema Newcastle. It was born out of Aphelion Slip, a performance co-authored with Cara Tolmie and Zoë Poluch for Block Universe, London. 

Art Monthly's Festival of the Not review.

Performance stills: Giles Bailey