Players (2009)

Kim Coleman and Jenny Hogarth


Networked and fully controllable CCTV cameras, projected live and pre-recorded video, tinted mirrors, actors, architectural structure with viewing booth and viewing platform constructed using materials used within the fair's design. Structure designed by the artists in collaboration with John Caruso Architects. 


Players aimed to heighten the sensual awareness of the staging of London’s Frieze Art Fair; mixing the premeditated and the spontaneous, what is to be scrutinised and what is not, what is appreciated and what is taken for granted. The work was a panoramic video projection of staged managed events and everyday activity filmed live at the fair, transforming the exposition into a mise-en-scene featuring unwitting visitors, gallerists and fair workers. The installation created an inverted view of the fair, as if seen through a Claude Glass - abstracting the complex carnival within its walls and giving random connections within it an aesthetically enhanced, filmic quality. As the entire fair became subject to and of the work, Players effectively changed the experience of viewing from spectacle to participatory event. 


Frieze Projects, commission for  Frieze London. supported by The Cartier Foundation and Frieze Foundation