Coleman Green_install_2_edited
Coleman Green _install _edited

Photographs: Kim Coleman and Susie Green

Install images from top: Chelsea College of Art and Design 2007; The Chateau, Glasgow 2003; Magnifitat, Edinburgh 2002; Galerie Antje Wachs, Berlin 2009.

Untitled Performance (2003)

Performance (3').

Coloured tissue paper, tinfoil, sparkler, camera flashes, string, birthday candle, glow-paint, pre-recorded synthesizer soundtrack composed by the artists. 

A collaboration between Kim Coleman and Susie Green, Untilted Performance is a simulation of a firework. This metaphor for sexual chemistry in general, and the crescendo of sexual climax specifically, is interpreted using birthday party materials. The firework's constituent elements are performed as if witnessed in super-slow-motion. During the performance, the artists each perform a delicate and complex network of actions under the cover of darkness, creating a carefully controlled chain of events. An igniting spark is followed by a rising, then dying, light, pulleys are activated to reveal a wow-ing illumination, lights burst and flash illuminating a slow fallout. The performance ends in darkness. Initially created to be performed in a bedroom setting to a live audience, Untitled Performance has since been staged at various galleries and events including The Chateau (Glasgow), Galerie Antje Wachs (Berlin), and The Ship (London).