Winter Sun (2014)

Temporary public installation for Granary Square, Kings Cross. Architectural structure, live video feeds, computer controlled LED light fixtures, tables, bar, aprons. Bar and architectural structure developed and realised in collaboration with James Bowthorpe. Architects: Lyn Atelier.


Winter Sun was a social space and bar encircled by twelve ‘suns’ approximating natural light. It was installed throughout the winter months of 2014/15 at Granary Square, Kings Cross. Inspired by the social and technological means through which we seek to readdress darkness, four of the twelve suns functioned as SAD lamps; four simulated day-break, similarly to 'wake-up' lights; and four were moon-like, illuminated by light from other suns via a series of live video feeds. Within the installation was a bar serving hot drinks and hosting a events. The event space incorporated tables and staff uniforms printed on site using a camera-less photographic process. This technique allowed light from the actual winter to be harnessed, and permanently recorded a photographic image of the winter sun structure on them.