Born N.  Ireland, 1976, I am an artist working with stage-lighting, expanded moving-image, live performance, and photography. I create live events and installations that consider affective dynamics within and between bodies. For example, my moving images and light works are often co-authored, allowing for examination of how mine and other's perspectives are expressed and combine together within individual artworks created by more than one person. I find meaning in queering the video, lighting, and photographic technologies I work with, for instance by employing Go Pro cameras or 'intelligent' light fixtures in deviant or non-conforming ways.


Light is both a medium and a subject in my work. My colour photograms and photographs are images made with light in the velvet obscurity of the darkroom. They function to index and expand upon their time-based counterparts. Some depict glass objects - vases, drinking glasses, candle holders, sex toys - which refract and reflect light that passes though them. These objects stand in for the body or bodies and articulate experiences and feelings within and between them. Others are made on location and are used to examine structures and biases at significant cultural sites, most recently gender-based power dynamics and and how these relate to the material of light at the Bauhaus.


My solo and collaborative works have been staged at Nottingham ContemporaryTate St.Ives, Palais de Tokyo, Tate Britain, The Tom of Finland Foundation FRAC Champagne-Ardenne, The Showroom, The ICAFrieze Projects for Frieze LondonSerpentine Screen, Minneapolis Film Festival, MS Dockville, Block Universe, Palais de Tokyo, Glasgow International, Jerwood Visual Arts, The Athens Biennale, and Edinburgh Art Festival. 

I have taught at numerous art and design institutions including Chelsea College of Art, Reading School of Art, Edinburgh College of Art, Glasgow School of Art, Camberwell School of Art, London College of Fashion, Gray's Aberdeen, and VIA, Aarhus (Denmark).